2nd Annual King Tide Event Brought Awareness to Sea Level Rise

By Beverly Perkins

Over 100 members of the community came together a couple of months ago to witness the 2nd Annual King Tide Flooding Event. The event commenced at the corner of Adams Street and 10th Avenue in East Hollywood. Those that participated were able to watch the annual King Tides push water over Hollywood’s sea walls which then spilled over to the low-lying residential streets.

“Witnessing the King Tide is like a window into the future of sea level rise in Florida, when we will experience frequent flooding events and the disruption of neighborhoods and businesses in the path of rising waters,” noted Scott Lewis, a founding member of the Sea Level Rise Project.

Sea Level Rise (SLR) is a serious issue in Southeast Florida and will have a significant impact on homes, communities and businesses in the near future. Numerous local governments and universities are putting forth efforts to prepare a plan for the impact of the rising seas. In addition, there is work by non-profit, faith and informal groups also addressing the problem.

The King Tide event was coordinated again by the SLR Solutions Project of South Florida. The organization, started by members of Temple Solel in Hollywood, wants to serve as a clearinghouse and community leader on the Sea Level Rise Issue in order to support the work of government, businesses, and other groups in Southeast Florida to mitigate Climate Change and make our communities more resilient to Sea Level Rise.

Despite all the efforts and national media spotlights, the public in Southeast Florida may not perceive the threat of SLR to be immediate. They may also not be aware of actions they can currently take to assist in regional efforts to build resilience, and to democratize flood risk management.

Keren Bolter, an environmental science professor from Broward College, students, and members of the SLR Solution Project of South Florida were able to be citizen scientists as they documented the flooding by measuring the salinity and depth, and photographing the waters to incorporate into Broward County’s database.
Both Hollywood’s current Mayor, Josh Levy, and former Mayor, Peter Bober were in attendance to help create awareness to the urgent issue.

“When you watch water, literally, creeping down streets, and overtaking them within mere minutes, you begin to see that sea level rise is greatest threat facing South Florida’s future,” commented former Hollywood Mayor Peter Bober.
For more information on how to become involved in the Sea Level Rise Solutions Project of South Florida, please contact Scott Lewis at 954-801-7170 or email Scotlewg@gmail.com.

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